Soulblueprint + Aktivationprogram

In German and english available


To get clear about who you are and what you are here for!

Come with me in to the story of your name and let us discoverl your story.

This reading is connected to the hebrew Alphabeth and the Pythagorean numerology.

If you want to get to know your Souls-Essence.

Each Soulreading is about 3 hour work for me.

The Reading is in this way set up, that it is as well energetically working on your system.


If you are interested, to activate your Codes, your Soul-blue-print,

to clear all your blockages in there,

to go your way in to your full power,

and to work in a deep way on your soul-pourpos,

then I highly recomand the 5 month Aktivation-program (1:1)

We will work with activating your Soul-blueprint in an energetic healing and with all kind of helpers from the plants etc. through the weeks to help you in the best way through your themes and get you back on track ;) .

You go on a deep transformativ Healing Journey to empower yourself fully in your strength and get your deep blocks removed, book for the 

5 month Aktivation Program, it has the Soulprint reading I+II included and all the Aktivations, to set you up.

Only 1:1 with the Aktivations personal readingsvarious personal plant medicine and all kind of other support to get you fully inline with your SoulPurpose!

Really specifically set up for you, to help you the best, to activate your souls Purpose!


You will discover your Strenghts and Challanges to rock your life really and so much more conscious!

It has taken me 10 Years of intense inner work to discover all the things, that I could read in my Soul purpose-Reading!


Happy to see you, if you take advantage of this special offer!!!

And so happy to offer you this deep transforming work!


This is going to change your life for ever!

Contact me, if you preferred monthly payments.

Email me, if you have questions or want to talk what your best next step is:

love to you!

Soulblueprint & Aktivation

Soulblueprint I+II + Aktivation Program

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