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13 Oils of the Goddess

Now also available in single bottles!

Perfect for each day!

For all Goddesses!

These oils were created to bring more fun and joy into your life and goddess-ness, and to support you in being the goddess you truly are.

If you have too little compassion for yourself and your concerns, but always have an ear and shoulder for others, then these oils are created directly for you.


The oils give you a sense of connection with everything around you, but you don't have to take on all the burden of the world.


You can become aware of your sacred uniqueness with the help of these oils - "I am me."


They invite you to rediscover and live your uniqueness and all your possibilities and craziness every day.

You are the goddess in person.


To each of the 13 Oils and main-Chakras exists a card in the set.
Each Oil-card has informations collected about the energy on the frontside and on the backside a mudra, sound and Mantra. So you can deepen with your work with each Chakra and Oil.


These precious blends consist not only of essential oils, but are also enriched with various healing energies that are essential for each oil.

Sacred geometry, numerology and healing energies directly from the source are infused into each.


They are created for gentle application to the body, mind and spirit and can help you release blockages. They are especially created for emotional states and mental issues that are currently so dominant everywhere.


So a holistic healing should be activated and take place.


"I love essential oils in every way, yet the Goddess Oils that Nataly Rajcevic has created are so unique!

They help move out trauma and old heaviness from the body quickly, and work on your many body levels

(subtle, physical, emotional, spiritual) in ways that totally support your soul path.

I highly recommend the oils to support you in your awakening or soul path!"

Tina K. (Yogateacher/healer)



Oils of the Goddess

13 Oils of the Goddess full of sacred energy,

+ with the matching card set for each oil

+ instructions

in cute box.


incl. shipping in Europe / shipping to other countries worldwide with possibly extra shipping costs.


For this, please inquire at


The oils can now also be ordered individually, please tell us when ordering which oil or oils you want.

The single oils come without the Cards.

13 Chakraoils mit speziellen Heilenergien, heiliger Geometrie, Quellenergien + Kartenset und Booklet + Tasche
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We are happy to hear how the Oils supported you.

Please share the "Oils of the Goddess" with others, so that they can travel out in to the world to all the Goddesses!


Nataly RAjcevic