Dream & Create


I support you to realize your found vision in the next 4-6 months

and bring it down to earth.

If you love to experience with all your senses, to go deep and create

create out of your joy and love, then you are in the right place!

We enter together into the space of healing, magic, ritual and coaching.

Do you wish for more ease and joy in the implementation?

You think it should be easier and more playful?

You want to follow your call, which you have heard

You realize that you need a hand at your side, because you often lose your focus alone?

Or do you get back into the pattern of drifting away from what you want again and again?

Do you lose your sense of self along the way and so do your projects?

Do you not know how to reconcile your dream with your family or your work?


Then I invite you to "Dream and Create",

to let me support you on your way!


You wish for your "own".

Want to bring a project or your independence to earth. 

You have a vision, but don't know how to achieve it.

Then gift yourself "Dreams & Create"!

Get company on your very own way!

You do not have to do it alone!

Everything is allowed, everything can, nothing must!

What is happening through "Dream and Create"?

  • You feel more rooted in everyday life,
  • feel more secure and grounded.
  • We strengthen your trust in yourself and your intuition.
  • We release blockages and fears that stand in the way of your dream/project.
  • We heal what needs healing in relation to it.
  • We find support in your soul vision and soul energy.
  • You feel more joy, lightness and flow in yourself
  • You know your priorities,
  • feel coherence and can trust it.
  • We have put your vision into practice.
  • Great change is noticeable in your life, also in other areas as we worked on
  • more joy and lightness
  • We have developed a plan to realize your dream
  • Personal homework to stay on the ball and to deepen your vision
  • regular coaching
  • You know it is possible and celebrate your success!

Dream & Create

You want to follow your vision.

You wish support to implement.

How, what? A plan.

You want to create your vision with fun & joy.

You are ready to let go of what is standing in your way of realising your dream

You want to invite healing for it

You think it must be possible somehow, but you don't know how exactly? 

NOW is your time.


We first create a foundation for your vision, clarify, ground, heal, focus.

Then we work dierctly on implementing your vision.


We create a plan and look step by step what it takes in the next 4-6 months.


Components are:

3x clearing and healing sessions

1x planning

16x Intensiv Coaching on the point

1x closing


Allow yourself the support you need to bring your vision to earth! It is possible!

4.500,00 €

  • verfügbar
  • 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit

From US or other countries its easiest to pay via WISE.

Login to Wise and transfere money to nataly.rajcevic@gmail.com directly in €.


Please write what you bye, your name, birthdate, adress and  emailadress.

Thank you

Follow your unique way!

How long will you ignore your hearts calling?

How long will you postpone your dreams?

When is your turn?

At what point can it be easier?

How long you want to try it on your own?

When are you allowed to stand up for yourself and get the support you need?

What still needs to happen?

Aren't you happy how it feels when your dreams come true?


I am here to accompany you individually on your way.

Come into my world and see what it takes to follow your calling?

See how the miracle unfolds and everything is there,

what you need and ways open up that you have not yet seen.

Embark on your very own path.

Allow yourself your heaven on earth.


Sometimes we think the key to a situation is completely different than it actually is.

Let yourself be supported. I am here, I got you and guide you your way.


The new year is already calling and we are now entering the time between the years, where the new year is born!

What do you want to implement next year? What is your vision for 2023?

Please write what you bye, your name, birthdate, adress and  emailadress.

Thank you

From US or other countries its easiest to pay via WISE.

Login to Wise and transfere money to nataly.rajcevic@gmail.com directly in €.




I am happy to accompany you!